2001, H.I.D.E. (Human Identity Database Emulation)

The web-based art project H.I.D.E. (Human Identity Database Emulation) addresses the current issue surrounding the collection and storage of individual biometric characteristics. The connection of this visual information with relation to the use of person-based facts and figures within the growing landscape of network abstracts are creating comprehensive, and increasingly concealed databanking systems. Via the live recording and compilation of an individual“s facial characteristics within H.I.D.E., the art group AUTOMAT simulates such biometric signatures, each recorded visitor receiving an individual coding.

DEAF_03 Data Knitting
Dutch Electronic Art Festival 2003 – Review 
Concept Paper


H.I.D.E., 2001, Scanstation Entrance Area


H.I.D.E., 2001, Exhibition Preview Data Projection, Scaleable